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Why use solar power?


Solar Electric makes good sense on several fronts.

  1. Economics
    • Businesses and Industries: Business solar electric systems in many states will pay for themselves now in 5-12 years. This gives energy security to the business owner, as well as cheap power after the payback period.
    • Residential Customers: A residential solar electric system in many states will pay for itself now in 15-25 years. This gives energy security to the home owner, as well as cheap power after the payback period.
  2. National Security
    • Energy Security – Solar will increase security on a large scale for three (3) reasons:
      1. We can predict what energy is available, and add as much capability as we want, when we want. Power could be much more distributed – cutting power losses due to distribution in wires, and improving the voltage and the harmonic quality. This would also decrease manufacturing costs.
      2. We would have no additional terrorist targets of nuclear plants or waste piles, or large power grids whose loss could cripple cities or quadrants of the country, or oil facilities, which could cause environmental catastrophes.
      3. Individuals can be sure that they always have energy, by having their own solar systems with a backup energy bank. This protects their lifestyle in the case of severe weather (unless their house is hit), terrorist attack, or any other reason.
    • Independence of Foreign Policy from Energy Policy.
      • This would prevent the possibility that some foreign policy would be based on obtaining, or protecting, sources of oil, gas, or coal.
  3. Health and Environmental Issues
    • Creates no radioactive waste, air or water pollution, mercury pollution, or targets for terrorists to create into a nuclear disaster.
    • Creates no acid rain, greenhouse gases, or oil spills.


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