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To help the cause of green living, Solar Power Generation encourages you to visit these other merchants and organizations.

Headquartered in central Florida, is dedicated to protecting and preserving the natural environment by encouraging, creating, and supporting ecological education, responsible consumption, development of alternative energy sources, and public participation in addressing environmental issues.

xlr8 provides information on hybrid solar electric vehicles, Gasoline to EV conversions, Solar Trailers, solar chargers, and solar electric installations.

Conserv-A-Store is your source for earth friendly, environmentally friendly, eco friendly quality green products and goods that allow you to practice a sustainable lifestyle.


Pristine Planet is a shopping resource that brings socially responsible merchants together so visitors can shop, browse, compare & review sustainable companies and products in the convenience of one website.

Simple Living Institute Inc.

Started in 2002 by a group of Central Floridians, Simple Living Institute wanted to create a stronger community that valued the environment, personal health, and had a vision for a more self-sufficient lifestyle.


Rayotec supplies underfloor heating and solar heating systems and solar panels throughout the UK.


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