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Contact Us is small, family business run by Cathy & Dr. Peyman Sana.


The daily operations of Planetsolar are run by Cathy Sana.

Cathy is certified by the state of Florida to do solar electric installations. Cathy is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology (aka Georgia Tech) in electrical engineering where she set a world record in an undergraduate research project in lowering reflectance of bare silicon(to 3.8% in 1994 as reported by SNL at the Second IEEE World Conference on Photovoltiac Energy Conversion in Hawaii in Dec. 1995) with Dr. Peyman Sana (who set the world record of 17.8% efficiency on multicrystaline silicon small area solar cells, reported in numerous papers).

She received an award for the best undergraduate research paper in Materials Science Engineering at GA Tech in 1998 for a SMES (superconducting magnetic energy storage) device design paper. She also works with computer modeling of electrical properties of materials and has recently co-authored a paper on the subject.

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Cathy Sana

Dr. Peyman Sana is a graduate of Georgia Tech in Electrical Engineering in Solar Cell Design and Research.

Dr. Sana designed and fabricated the RECORD HIGH EFFICIENCY muticrystalline silicon solar cells (17.8%) tested and verified by NREL and Sandia National Labs. He also developed a novel and cost-effective hydrogen passivation of defects by forming gas anneal.

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Dr. Peyman Sana
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