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Here comes the sun!

Planetsolar provides solar and alternative energy products, news, education, and design information.

Everyday our sun sends enough photoelectric energy to power our planet — falling like manna from heaven.

While our 21st century society has reached for the stars and stepped on the moon, our civilization continues to be primarily powered with the polluting and dangerous fossil sources of the industrial age of the 19th century.

Luckily that attitude is changing, and Planetsolar wants to help you discover how you can personally benefit from the power of the sun in a positive, cost-effective way.

Our solar products include battery and electronics chargers, solar education and hobby kits, rv, marine, cottage and remote solar systems, personal security and camping equipment.

We also offer other alternative energy and energy efficient products.

Let us help you get plugged into the sun.
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xlr8 provides information on hybrid solar electric vehicles, Gasoline to EV conversions, Solar Trailers, solar chargers, and solar electric installations.

The Solar Manufacturing Plant has been shelved indefinately as we were unable to get the funds from the state of Texas... Thank you for your support. Please support solar wherever possible

"If we could look with seeing eyes. it might be the spot where we stand is a paradise."


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